Saturday, October 16, 2010

Did you just join a Company Team?

Did you just sign up to join a company to market or sell their products? Or did you sign up to make money?
If you joined to make Money and they have a proven System in place, I highly suggest that you use it as it is setup.  That means starting at step 1 and finishing it Completely, before moving on to step 2, and so forth!

The major Leaders in your Company have worked hard at building a system that when used and followed properly, Will Make You Money!  It's when we come in from using other types of programs and trying to use them in this company that we run into problems.  Short cuts do not work on most legitimate business's!
Some people are under the impression that all I have to do is treat it like an Affiliate Program and it will work.  Let me tell you, from experience with my own downline of which one has tried this and now has $0.00 in residual or sales income for the last year!  They had the system provided for them and they chose not to use it!  When they called to complain, all I said was "Don't Blame Me, For Your Not Using What Was Provided".

Don't reinvent the Wheel, use what is provided for you by your company and your Team Leaders and your Coach! 

Note to all who are looking for a New Home Based Business! If you are willing to work it step by step, you can succeed, if not don't blame it on others......and Please Don't join under I am looking for Team Players.....Not do it yourselfer's!

Have a Great and Productive Week!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ROI (Return on Investment)

What is your ROI?

This was the subject of an email that I received this past week, for some reason I didn't delete it as I normally do.  So I went back to it and reread it, to really see what it was about!  Was I surprized when I looked at it!
Since I am not a Tax accountant or Bookkeeper by trade, alot of the lingo just flew over my head, until I read the words Return On Investment, now that I could understand.
  • How much are you spending on your Business monthly?
  • How much are you making back on your money spent monthly?
If your spending more each and every month than you are bringing in, then maybe it's time to re-evaluate your Business Plan, and concentrate on your marketing stratergies.  And also how you are tracking the marketing results.

Do you have alot of product on hand?  1. Use it to get more sales, don't just keep it stuffed in a closet or cabinet!
Do you take advantage of the FREE marketing sites in your hometown?
Do you take product out with you every time you leave the house, I know that people love the smell of my purse or backpack, as I have either scent samples or votives in it all of the time!

WooHoo, just had a phone call come in while writing this for a sale! That's what I'm talking about here, it's a return on my marketing investment. So then I just asked her where or how did she find out about me? She said she saw me listed on a local business directory, so I now know that my .99 cents a year payment for that site is working.  Don't get me wrong you need to really check out where you market!

If you find that you are spending more then you are getting back....rethink your strategy!

Network with people who are doing what you want to do, and put what they are doing into action for your business, to see if how they do it will work for you!  If it doesn't work for you change to something else.
Above all be consistent in marketing within your budget!  "If it's not in your monthly budget-don't buy it!"

If what your marketing is not paying off and you have given it your all for at least 3 years, then it just might be time to change the product that you are marketing.  If you would like to look at the products that I market, click on the tabs above and then go to the site and browse or shop! What ever you do please leave a comment below and subscribe on the upper right corner!  Enjoy your day!