Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Am Wealthy! Are You?

My "Wealth" is not attached to the picture that  you see to your left!
My wealth comes from within me!  By that I mean that my inner core beliefs is what makes me wealthy.  I believe that being of service to someone else in an honest and ethical manner will increase my outward wealth.  Don't get me wrong I know that it takes money to pay my bills!  Even though I may be short a few dollars to meet all of my obligations at a certain point of the month, I refuse to do things that are unethical in order to generate the cash.

Everyday when I wake up, I get out of the Drivers Seat and turn it over to the LORD!  I know from many years of doing this daily that my needs and bills will be met.  A good example of this type of turning it over is:
Many of you know that I took a big leap of Faith when I moved in May of this year, what you did not know is that my total personal spendable income per month is $673.00 dollars per month. My new rent is $489.00 per month, my electric bill fluctuates between $79.00-$157.00 per month so far and my water bill is between $12.00 and 20.00 per month.  I then have a telephone/Internet bill of between $80.00 and $100.00 per month. Not counting my medications.  On the low end this amounts to $660.00 on the high end so far it comes to $766.00. 

I don't worry about it though because my LORD has not failed me once in providing the funds to meet my needs!  He provides sales where they are needed and when they are needed.

I am wealthy beyond my needs in that I have people who really care about me and not what I have.  If you base wealth on material things you will miss out on so much in life!

Be Blessed and have a very Prosperous Day!