Friday, June 24, 2011

Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses! Take The Blinders OFF!

Life is not a bed of Roses!

Have you ever heard that statement and wondered just exactly what it meant to you?  Well I did, and the journey to finding out has been an Emotional one.

I had to go all the way back to my childhood and take a good hard and honest look at myself!  While looking at myself I also discovered things about other people in my life that I had been seeing through rose colored glasses.  Have you ever done the same thing?

I always thought that my Grandmother was a perfect person, until I took off the blinders and saw her for the human being that she really was!  My Grams, was a woman who had struggled with Life, the same as anyone else!  She grew up in the very early 1900's, she didn't have the modern conviences that I have taken for granted at times.  Like running water in the house, she had to go outside to either a homemade well or the creekbed to get her water!  I cannot imagine someone today making 20 trips to a well and back, just to fill a tub to wash their clothes.  Yes, I've seen it on TV or read it in books, I did not see those avenues as glimpses into my own famlies and books were just fiction stories to me. 

I remember telling Grams "You don't understand How I Feel, I just Lost my child!".  Little did I know that life had not been a bed of roses for her either in that aspect of life.  She knew exactly what I was feeling as she also had lost a child, since she had chosen not to divulge that information to me as a child, I was unaware of this fact!  We were only privy to certain aspects of our parents and grandparents lives, as I am sure there are many others out there were in the same boat!  The point is that she moved on with life and lived her life to the best of her ability with the learning and coping skills that she had available to her!

Today, we have a vast array of tools available to us, to learn how to cope and move on to living life on lifes terms.  Life is not a bed of roses, it has ups and downs, straight aways and curves it is up to us to decide how we deal with it daily.  Both in our personal life and our business life!  Will you take off the blinders?

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~~Magical Marilyn~~
~~I Believe In You! ~ Now It's Time For You To Believe In You!~~

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Newest Bloom Reminds Me Of?

This is my newest bloom and my joy in it reminds me of how I felt when I got my first person in my downline, I was elated!  I am still elated when I see the fruits of my work and the fruits of my friends work.

I set my other seedlings outside today so that they can become accustomed to the heat here in Oklahoma.  Seedling plants remind me alot of new Team members, in that I would never turn a newbie loose in a new business without any training at all.  Now if they are a seasoned marketer they probably wouldn't need much training, the same as bringing home a plant that has been outside at a nursery.

That is just me and how I do things.  As you can see I am multitasking at the present, this blog is not only about the newest bloom in my garden, it is also about how I do business.

I am proud of Veronica Morin and Carolyn Landsen in all they have done in their business's and their lives to advance.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Am Back!

I have been away for awhile due to moving!  I am back now and ready to get back to talking about who I am.  Today a friend of mine The Goddess known Jacque made me start thinking about all of my life again.

She was talking about your niche may be limiting you and that hit home, I have gone back over some of my status updates on Facebook and Twitter and I have became seems to be all that I have done in awhile, that is over!

I am back, and this blog is about who I am, Not what my business is, that is just one aspect of my life.
I love gardening and have started that again since my move.  Today I saw my first flower bloom that I planted the week after I finished moving.  I am growing cherry tomatoes from seeds so they will take awhile to produce and that's ok today.

Tomorrow I will be setting out some Nostriums that are about ready to go outside, I am looking forward to them blooming.  Living in Oklahoma I have learned to start all my plants inside as it is too hot for seedlings to be outside in 90 to 100 degree temps.  We have to also water twice a day here.

I am back and I will be posting often.

~~If I Can Do It ~ You Can Do It~~