Saturday, December 31, 2011

Are You Looking For....

Are you looking for that quick fix?  Are you looking for that fast buck?  Are you looking for that ideal situation in life?

I have been around for many a year and I have not found any fast get rich deals that lasted.  Sure there are illegal venues out there that you can make a fast $50.00 to 500.00 on paper!  Have you ever seen what it is like getting paid from them?  It is a nightmare and not one that I want to go through again.  I would much rather build it slow and honestly!

I have been building my current business for almost (3) three years.  I now receive my residual checks monthly when I work!  If I don’t work it I don’t get paid, this is no different than working for someone else.  If you don’t work for your boss you don’t get paid correct?  Being in business for yourself is no different except that when the bills come in, you still have to pay them.

My goals for this year are on paper and now it is up to me, to make them happen!
1.  Provide value to my clients
2.  Offer the Opportunity to 500 people a month
3.  Sign up at least 3 people who have the Go and Get It Mindset
4.  Keep my Blogs updated
5.  Meet my Team in Person at least twice in 2012!
6.  Get a Wheelchair accessable van!
7.  Apply for a Home through Habitat for Humanity!
8.  Keep all bills paid monthly!

Let’s make 2012 a Fantastic Year