Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perfect Or Imperfect!

Yesterday I subjected my friends and family on FaceBook to a new program that I am using. It incorporates my pictures and my own voice into email messages or Social Media sites. No this is not a marketing pitch!

Then today I opened my Yahoo page and my Horoscope was stareing at me:  "You know all those celebrities who spend thousands thousands to have perfect bodies, perfect teeth, perfect hair and perfect mates?  Don't be jealous.  Keep in mind that there's a huge industry invested in pointing out that they are just like us (pimples, junk food, divorces and all).  In other words, PERFECT doesn't exist--so why are you working so hard at it?  Glitches, mistakes and missteps keep you in sync with everyone -- especially the people you love. Embrace your Imperfections!"

For over 2 years I put off doing videos, because I couldn't get it perfect! This year I took the plunge and did one myself Imperfections and all.  So now you will be getting more viral emails from me, and yes to my team members turn on your speakers when you start receiving your newsletter, Imperfections and all it is easier to talk than type with Arthritis in the fingers!

Plus, I don't have a publicist to come back and tell you, by the way she is over 60, has had some strokes, is a cancer survivor and has multiple other ailments!  You just get to know me up close and personal from the start imperfections and all!

Have a Great Day!
~ ~ I Believe In You Now You Believe In You! ~ ~

~~If I Can Do IT~~You Can Do IT!~~