Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who's Business IS it?

Who's Business is it? Is a question that only you can answer!
I came into this phase of my life knowing that I had to do something in order to create a living for myself!  I knew that I didn't know everything involved in starting my own business, so I found someone who had done it before me and was living the life that I wanted to live!  This is called finding a mentor (Step 1), then I had to decide WHAT I wanted to invest into this business on a daily or weekly basis (Step 2).  Then I had to decide for MYSELF how I was going to do it! 

Yesturday, (those of you who know and follow me) know that I chose to deem as a Friday!  I can do that now, because I know that I OWN this business and not someone else!  I will always get the results that I want each day based on what STEPS, I apply ACTIONS on for that day.  Even though I took a day off mid-week, my business did not shut down or come to a stand still, because I chose to set it up so that it continues to work for me even though I am not out there physically doing the selling of products or marketing it! 

The way that happened for me was that I chose to let the SYSTEM that I chose, work for me! See my prior post if you don't know what a system is, or ask your mentor or coach.  Always remember, that it is your business not their business!  Some people are money driven, some are lifestyle driven and then their are some people like me, that just want to HELP others to get to the point where they understand that THEY have to do the WORK to achieve THEIR OWN results in their Business!

I Am Not Your Boss!  I am only here to help you along the way to achieving your desired results!

If you are looking to start Your Own Business and would like to know what I have to offer, check out the tabs above and click on the link in one of them and I will get back to you!  By the way, I'm not a mind reader you do have to fill out a Contact Me form!

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