Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who is Marilyn Fisher?

I am just a lady who got tired of others telling me that I would never be able to work again!

When I lost my job due to an injury that partially severed my spine, The doctors said that I would be completely bedridden for the rest of my life.  Well I had always been a fighter and I was not going to let this setback control the rest of my life.

After 9 months of intensive therapy, I was finally sent home in a manual wheelchair, mind you that I lived alone in Las Vegas, Nevada at this time, and I wasn't going to be stuck inside!  Can we say that I am also a bit headstrong.  One day after fighting with agencies trying to get someone to take me to the store, and being told that they could not take me anywhere except to the doctors.  I got MAD!  I called a Wheelchair provider and set up an appointment with them to come out to fit me with a motorized wheelchair.  After 6 weeks of not hearing from them, I called and found out that this doctor would not write the prescription for the wheelchair.  After a couple of calls to my Congressman and  Miss Amy V, (now deceased) who at that time was a big advocate for people in wheelchairs, I got my prescription for my wheelchair!

I have not stopped since then!  They said I would not work again, today I own my own business!  Has it been easy No, would I do it again?  In a heartbeat!

From the beginning, I knew that it was not going to be easy as I had no use of my legs and very limited use of one arm.  During my first year of trying to work for someone else I ran into alot of obstacles of which could have been avoided if mainstream corporate america, would realize that handicapped people can and do want to work!  We want to be self-supporting and self sufficient.  So how do we get to be these things, with a few simple modifications to work environments or in my case now to our homes. 

Tomorrow I will let you in on the rest of the story! 

~~I believe in you!~~
~If I Can Do It ~ ~ You Can Do It!~

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