Monday, October 29, 2012

Have I Missed My Goals?

Have I Missed My Goals?  Some would say yes, I say NO because I have done the things that needed to be done each day that I wake up.

I wake up and Thank God for another day to serve Him!  Then I ask him what I am to do today be it Ministry wise, health wise or business wise and I get it done. So, have I missed my goals, no I have not.

We make a list of goals usually about this time of year for the next year, without taking into consideration our daily family life. That is when self doubt starts creeping in and we start asking, have I missed my goals?

When starting our list of goals we need to also have a calendar handy and block out 90 day segments.
In each segment then break it down into weekly segments, work on one week at a time.  Schedule in God time, family time, personal time and then work time!  At the end of that week review the list of goals that you have accomplished and those that you were not able to accomplish, chances are that you got more done than you thought that you had.

If you did miss a couple don't beat yourself up just reevaluate how much you are trying to do in a day.  Remember, Rome was not built by humans in one day.

Enjoy life while you can as we only have one to live in human form!

I love you all!  Marilyn

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