Monday, April 13, 2015

Continuation of Never Give Up Hope!

And The Journey Continues!

As you may know by now I am out of remission. In November of 2014 I had to go back to the hospital for some breathing issues.  They did their standard set of xrays of my chest, at that time they noted a very small growth on my left lobe of my lung, since it was so small the doctor didn't even mention it to me, they just gave me some meds. and sent me home. On March the 9th, 2015 my doctor was at my home and I became unresponsive for a short while so he sent me to the ER! Which you know I they took more chest xrays and the prior spot had grown from 5.5cm to 54.8cm.  Yikes, not good to here in light of my Cancer history. They decided to hospitalize me thinking first it was pneumonia, then they thought it was TB and put me in a very small closed door room....not going to work with me, I can't deal with being in confined spaces.....AMA papers where are you? Yep, I signed myself out! Within the hour the ER nurse (nice lady), my family doctor and lung doctor all called me saying that I needed to go back and get a Cat Scan of my lung.  Okay already, I'll go get it done, while getting it set up I started coughing up blood again, back to xray.  This growth is now at 58.1cm....back in hospital this is on the 19th of March, that's a lot of growth in 10 days. After the CT Scan was done some dr. that I didn't know said I need to take you in for a surgical biopsy! I said "Stop right there Doctor" for one thing you don't know anything about my history or you would know I am not a surgery candidate for anything. Release me from here and I will follow up with my doctors. Next day my doc. set up a needle biopsy. The results came back at stage 3 Small Cell Carcinoma, so the journey continues.  I will update you as often as possible.  If you would like to assist towards the Fundraiser that is going on you can go to: and donate.  Have a very Blessed day! 

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