Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is who I am!

People keep telling me to blog about "Who I am", I do this each time that I blog!  First off I am not a simple person.  I am someone who is passionate about what I do on a daily basis.

So lets tackle this one step at a time:
  1.  I am a Christian who happens to be a female Preacher.  Therefore, I talk to people about The Bible, about Jesus Christ and about God. I talk to them about how God wants me to live my life.
  2. I am a Small Business Owner in Oklahoma City, and online. I am a team leader in 2 online  business's.  I am a network marketor in the sense that I have to market my business in order for it to thrieve. No I do not normally go out and just blast my Business Opportunity to just anyone. You see, I believe that if I get 5 people into the opportunity, and train them in an Ethical manner, and they have a passion for the Business, they will in turn get 5 people and train them as they were trained. Numbers don't always make for staying power! Why should I sign up 500 people and have 495 quit after 90 days. To me that is just wasting my time! I would much rather spend my time on 5 that are going to stay, because they have the desire and knowledge to succeed.
  3. I am a person that loves meeting new people and I love helping people. I don't care if it is on a simple matter or a business matter. You see with me It Is The PERSON That Matters. Money is just a tool to acquire things and pay bills. I serve the Lord, First, Last and Always having a Servent attitude is a mindset that should be required of all Business Owners, because without that you won't servive.

    Enough of my ranting today! P.S. Please post a comment below so that I know what you think also, you see this is just another avenue of getting to know people.

Marilyn Fisher
Until next time!

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