Sunday, April 10, 2011

Know Your Target Market!!

Know Your Target Market, is something that is stressed by all successful business's.

Today while checking my email I found 7 different emails, telling me that they had the perfect job for me!  When in reality, I am their worst Target to Market to as I am wheelchair bound and I have steel running all throughout my legs.  Just Imagine this: I open the door to a MRI room and I am pulled out of my wheelchair and slammed against the largest magnet in the room!! No that is not something that I would apply for, therefore the money that they spent marketing to me was lost.....except it gave me blogging material.

Know who is a good fit for your business before you hit that send button, and before you market to a purchased list.  To do good Target Marketing know who would benefit from your product or service first.
Next do a little Google Research to see what is going on with others in your Niche, if you see that email marketing is not what is bringing the hits and conversions, then I would refrain from doing it more than once a month, and then only to Qualified Markets.

Most marketing emails get sent to the trash can!  Unless there is a relationship between the people!
I highly recommend building Relationships and doing Relationship Marketing as they already know you, and are more apt to respond to your offer.

Enjoy your day and the post!

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