Monday, June 6, 2011

I Am Back!

I have been away for awhile due to moving!  I am back now and ready to get back to talking about who I am.  Today a friend of mine The Goddess known Jacque made me start thinking about all of my life again.

She was talking about your niche may be limiting you and that hit home, I have gone back over some of my status updates on Facebook and Twitter and I have became seems to be all that I have done in awhile, that is over!

I am back, and this blog is about who I am, Not what my business is, that is just one aspect of my life.
I love gardening and have started that again since my move.  Today I saw my first flower bloom that I planted the week after I finished moving.  I am growing cherry tomatoes from seeds so they will take awhile to produce and that's ok today.

Tomorrow I will be setting out some Nostriums that are about ready to go outside, I am looking forward to them blooming.  Living in Oklahoma I have learned to start all my plants inside as it is too hot for seedlings to be outside in 90 to 100 degree temps.  We have to also water twice a day here.

I am back and I will be posting often.

~~If I Can Do It ~ You Can Do It~~


  1. I love that you are taking time to smell the flowers and doing the things you love. I am so happy for you. Love you

  2. Whoot! Welcome back, oh magical one!
    I'm thrilled that you're relishing all parts of your life ~ we goddesses are multi-faceted, after all!

    the goddess known as Jacqui

  3. @Angela, Thank you my Sister in Christ for stopping by and commenting. Life is too short not to stop and do the things we love.

  4. @Jacqueline Gates, Thanks to you I realized that I need to take the time and not only enjoy my life, but to also let others know who I really am! ~~Magical Marilyn~~


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