Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to Who I Am, for a moment!

Today I had to do something that I don't like having to do often.  I made some mistakes this past couple of months, that could have hurt me financially had I not taken some of my own advice that I give to people I Coach and Train.  You know when you open your emails, you get all these pitches for this e-book and that webinar to help you get to the Top in search engines.  Well, being in business for myself I know that this is important, so I researched the people who wrote some of the e-books and decided to purchase some of them.  To the tune of over $160.00 in the past few months.

Had I not took my own advice and checked on All of my Business Ventures, I would never have known that I already Own and have for over a year, all of those e-books and alot more!  So remember don't do what I did, check on all of your ventures at least once weekly.  Auto-pilot is a great tool, but don't rely on it 100% of the time, human intervention is needed from time to time!  The same as Customer Service, if you don't interact with your Customers on a regular basis you will forget their name, or their favorite product.  The same is true with your website ventures, just like I had forgot what products I had placed in my own store.
Imagine what kind of sales I would have lost, if I had started suggesting to my customer to go and buy from someone else.

So I've chastised myself enough for one day, always remember: Experience is the best teacher!  I learn my lessons well and will be sure to apply them.

Until next time: Enjoy life to the fullest, as you only have 1 earthly life!

Marilyn Fisher

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