Friday, July 23, 2010

Home - Based Business's You Have To Market Your Product! Part 3

Find your Niche

In an earlier post we talked about our competition, today I want to talk about what we are going to market and how we are going to market it.  There is an old saying: "To lead, find out where people want to go and then hustle yourself around in front of them." 

The top companies such as McDonald's and the woman who founded Mary Kay Cosmetics did this, and we know how they have done.  You can do this, too.  But you have to keep your eyes and ears open, and when you see an opportunity that fits your style take it, and a little luck now and then doesn't hurt.

In marketing their products, managers in the corporate world realize one important truth--to get the edge on the competition, one must have a product that is perceived as different from all the others and one that fulfills the wants and needs of customers better than any other product.  Okay, this is for the ladies out there:  You like wearing Makeup right?  Which would you much rather buy from?  Uncle Vinnies 1967 corner drugstore that still sells the same compact powder, that he has sold forever, or would you rather go to the Independent Distributor who sells the  New Mineral Based Makeup, that doesn't clog your pores, and is safer for your skin?  You see where I'm going with this?

This is called product differentiation.  If you build a better mousetrap, the consumer or prospect will beat a path to your door.  But if you build the same one that everyone else does, you'll have so much competition that you'll be in a non-productive battle over customers and prospects.  You must give customers and prospects a reason to come to you over any others.  You have to find ways to make them as enthusiastic about the product or service as you are.

Stay tuned for more on this same subject:  Niche's are not just your product...?


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