Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Matters

What is summer without a sleepover?  Boring according to some children in my neighborhood!  Ok, some parents may be naturals at hosting slumber parties and some of us may need a few pointers to help our kids have a great time (and hopefully keep too many tears from falling).  Here are some tips to help (Thanks to the Miller Messenger and Lori-Spriesters-bach for passing these along):

Kids Sleepover Tips

  1. The ideal age for kids and slumber parties (according to child development experts) is approximately 8 to 14, but every child is different.
  2. Use your child's age to determine the maximum number of guests to invite.  For example, if he or she is 8, invite no more than 8 children.  An even number is best to keep someone from feeling left out.
  3. Post a list of house rules where children can see them.  Let children know that anyone who doesn't follow the rules will be sent home. (No one wants to go home--they will obey them...LOL)
  4. Set up an outdoor campsite inside with tents, sleeping bags, twinkle lights around the room, and glow-in-dark stars on the ceiling.
  5. Kids love to make their own food.  For snack time, set up a popcorn station with a selection of toppings like powdered cheese,ground cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles, etc.  Or for breakfast have a pancake or waffle station, complete with fruit, chocolate morsels, and syrups...(No spill lids)
  6. As fun favor, give each guest a new pillowcase. (Dollar Store's are great for low cost) Let each child sign the pillowcases with a permanent marker as a reminder of the over night fun they had with your child. (This is called relationship building!)
  7. Provide imaginative and educational books for them to read before going to sleep, provide flashlights for them to read by, they think it's fun.
Books are available at your local library to provide further information on safety and creative ideas.  For Imaginative and Educational Interactive Books stop by my Barefoot Books page at: feel free to shop or join us in this Barefoot Journey!

A couple of library suggestions are:  Slumber Parties: 25 Fun-filled Party Themes, by Penny Warner, Meadowbrook, 2000.
Slumber Parties: What Do I Do? by Wilhelminia Ripple and Kathryn Totten, Oakbrook Publishing House, 2002.

Have fun and enjoy!
Until next time, Remember enjoy today as if there were no tomorrow!
Marilyn Fisher

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